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DRT Operations Srl is an Energy Service Company (E.S.Co.) that provides consulting and delivers turn-key projects in the field of energy saving and sustainability. MUNDUS is the brand of DRT Operations Srl energy services.

DRT Operations Srl designs projects are aimed at improving the energy saving of residential buildings and factories through tailored financial solutions and innovative technologies exclusively powered by renewable and assimilated energy sources.

Our services, which encompass the entire range of operations related to this type of solution, include:

Integrated Energy Services

The intervention is conceived according to the best investment logic and implemented turn-key, in order to ensure its success and guarantee the financial return of the operation. The referenced technologies are exclusively environmentally low-impact and powered by renewable sources.

Energy Audits and Certifications

Energy Audits and Certification aim at improving energy saving and reducing procurement costs.

Consulting and Technical Controls

The company provides support and/or checking activities in investment operations within the renewable energy field, with great professionalism, expertise, and confidentiality.