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Starting from the energy audit, the best energy renewal solutions for factories and residential buildings are identified. The solutions are planned according to investment principles and implemented turn-key, in order to ensure the best results and guarantee the financial return of the operation. The reference technologies are exclusively low environmental impact and powered by renewable and alternative sources. The services on offer include energy audits, design and engineering, authorization procedures, intervention implementation, as well as management and maintenance.

We operate following a flexible and reliable work flow:
I. Data analysis and preliminary study of the design solution
II. Economic and financial sustainability assessment of the project
III. Legal and fiscal profile assessment of the project
IV. Project development and authorization
V. Project Execution
VI. Operations and Maintenance


In the implementation of energy renewal solutions, our company serves as the sole interlocutor for all phases, guaranteeing the Client on the final result of the operation in both building related and operational terms. In the field of residential buildings, our company acts as a general contractor and even undertakes the construction of new buildings with high energy efficiency standards.

In the industrial sector, our company is not only the sole interlocutor in the development and implementation of the proposed solutions, but also guarantees the functionality of the intervention for the Client through its management and maintenance. This approach allows us to protect and ensure the financial return on investment.


Professionalism, competence and confidentiality characterise the execution of support and/or control and investment operations in the field of energy saving and sustainability. Among other services, we support the Client in managing their relationships with energy suppliers and assist them in analyzing their consumption profile. We also provide designing and engineering, construction management, and/or inspection of interventions carried out by suppliers directly appointed by the Client.

Energy audits and energy certification of industrial buildings and production facilities are carried out, as well as the preparation of applications for institutional grants and contributions in the energy sector. We provide support and advice on tax and fiscal matters relating to the energy sector.